Our First Networking Event


Thanks to all who showed up last Thursday night for Fresh Pond Writers‘ first networking event. McCabes on Mass turned out to be a pretty good spot. Good snacks, nice drinks and cozy atmosphere that wasn’t overcrowded or too loud. Some folks walked away with a couple of “new” literary journals and everyone who came submitted a writing tip in our TIP jar. Here are the submissions as promised:

• Write drunk, edit drunker.

• When you think you’ve said it all, go back. Give the reader credit. Cut half of it out and leave the rest to imagination. We all think every word we write is intriguing. Many of them are not.

• “…and suddenly I realized.” “Suddenly” is used too often. Beware.

• Short sentences are always better but less interesting than long sentences.

• Use active verbs in place of weaker verbs preceded by adverbs.

• Never talk about spoiled milk.

• Surround yourself with smart writers who, just by being there, push you to write better.

• Don’t get hung up on the first sentence. You’re going to change it anyway.

• Always put a second writing tip in the jar. The first one might suck.


Our next event is Oct 23. We’ll be meeting at the Brookline Booksmith for a book reading and afterward, grabbing a drink at a local establishment.

Hope you can make it.

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