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tracy-kitchenA Free Uber-Like App Finds Rides for People in Rural Areas LibreTaxi can bring ride-sharing to places Uber and Lyft can’t reach.

Lab-Grown Turkey Is on the Table for Future Thanksgivings One researcher working in the field of cellular agriculture wants to make turkey meat without the turkey.

Computers Should Be Named as Inventors on Patents A lawyer proposes that creative computers be elevated from the role of sophisticated tools to that of inventors.

My 9/11 Escape from the World Trade Center A native New Yorker recounts her experience evacuating 2 WTC on 9/11 — and how that day changed her life.

Brain Implant Helps ‘Locked-In’ ALS Woman Communicate Hanneke de Bruijne has the freedom now to spend more of her time outside.

Washington Wolf Cull Won’t Save Livestock Nonlethal methods work better at keeping wolves away from cattle, sheep and other livestock, so why do wildlife agencies keep killing?

Our ‘Technosphere’: 30 Trillion Tons of Man-Made Stuff For the first time, scientists have estimated the weight of all of the structures, products and waste that humans have created.

Retro Inventor’s Utopic Vision Sparks Future Tech A new book revives a mid-Century philosophy to solve modern problems.

Rio Olympics Has One Thing Going for It The city’s internet is better than you think.

Organic Food: What to Know Before You Buy We take a look at some of the issues spoiling the organic food industry and offer advice on making the best choices.

Scary Politics Americans are scared about a lot of things—especially the government itself.

Lifts in Loops An elevator that runs in circles—this time, with doors.

Supramolecular Nanostamping A new six-step technique could make DNA analysis as routine as a blood test.

Stealth Cell Destroys Cancer MIT researchers’ “nanocell” delivers a toxic double whammy to tumors.

First Lung Stem Cells Discovered The finding may lead to the early detection of lung cancer.

String Theory Capturing the elusive mechanics of the violin.

Mapping Households Reveals Immigrants Are “Us” Not “Them The places immigrants settle and how they disperse across the U.S. has more to do with family relationships than it does with economics.

Newborn Brain Cells Could Regulate Weight The findings could offer an explanation for why use of the compound in previous studies kept mice at a healthy weight weeks and months after injections of the drug were stopped.

Brain Images Reveal Menstrual Cycle Patterns The finding provides a baseline for understanding the emotional and behavioral changes that 75 percent of all women report experiencing before, during and after their period.

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