I’m a technology and science journalist and editor covering emerging tech and the intersection of innovation and sustainability. I was the managing editor for both MIT Technology Review and Scientific American Explorations, and worked as an editor for Discovery Channel News, Discover Magazine, Seeker, Astronomy, and Earth.

As a freelance writer, I’ve contributed to Earther, Smithsonian Air & Space, Scientific American, Inside Science, Now, Mercury Magazine, Live Science, IEEE Spectrum, HowStuffWorks, Fast Company, Slate, MIT Technology Review, Space.com, and Experience, and authored the children’s science book, Rocks and Minerals, part of the Reader’s Digest Pathfinders series.

In 2013, I founded the Boston-based writing workshop Fresh Pond Writers, for writers of fiction and creative nonfiction. In 2018, I returned to my hometown, Milwaukee, where it’s always cooler by the lake.

Contact me at tracy.staedter@gmail.com.

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