Drunk Texts From Famous Authors

There’s a funny piece in the Paris Review worth reading. It’s all illustration, a quick read and will bring a smile to your face. It’s called Drunk Texts From Famous Authors. Had John Cheever an iPhone, he might have texted a friend: “The club car on the 6:12 always seemed to me a pleasant spot to drink seven glasses of gin. Nothing is serious, but I am throwing up in my hat. I am throwing up in my hat.”

The author’s/artist’s take on several writers, including Emily Bronte and Philip Roth, are great. But the reader comments below are worth scrolling down for. Some examples:

e.e. cummings:

so —
out ]]
– do you
my (keys)}}

Billy Collins:
Some time after we lost the soft brown cork
from the Herradura silver
You departed somehow through those French doors.

Perhaps now you could let me know
whose pants these are,
just the color of blue Easter eggs,
and why I am wearing these slingbacks.

Walt Whitman:

O Captain! Captain Morgan! My brother!
O goose that is not grey, white goose, clear goose, goosey goose!!!
O merrimatter of snafued equilibrioception!
Do I contradict myself???
Very well then I contradict myself,
(I contain bubblies.)

Now I wonder what famous writers may have tweeted! Hmmmmm…..

Photo: Declan.Merriman / Flickr Creative Commons

1 Comments on “Drunk Texts From Famous Authors”

  1. I like the reader comment on the one for Saramago, so funny! I wonder what Sylvia Plath would text. She would not be a happy drunk. 🙂

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