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Alice Munro Wins Nobel Prize in Literature

You may have already heard. But for all of us short story writers out there, who aren’t sure they have a novel in them, this is for you from Alice: “I would really hope this would make people see the short story as an important art, not just something you played around with until you […]

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The First Sentence

Lately, I’ve become preoccupied with story beginnings. I blame a writer’s conference I went to where I had to turn in the first 250 words of a short story. I was amazed at how little I had conveyed in those 250 words. (I wrote a post about it, which you can read if you want […]

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To See the World in a Grain of Sand

It seems that I have been living under a rock. I’m only now just discovering the fabulous Steven Millhauser. I did read his piece, “Phantoms” in the the Best American Short Stories for 2011. But I hadn’t read anything else from him. Then this weekend, my boyfriend brought home Millhauser’s collection, Dangerous Laughter, which was […]

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