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More on George

A couple of weeks ago and somewhat by random, a discussion in our writing group came around to George Saunders. As part of it, I mentioned a 2013 review of his short story collection, Tenth of December, by Maureen Corrigan, and how I was surprised that Corrigan had said, even emphasized, that she’d never heard of Saunders — a MacArthur Fellow, […]

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Compare the First and Final Scenes

This fantastic video on Vimeo (below) from Jacob T. Swinney could be the best five minutes you’ll spend today. It shows the opening and closing scenes of famous movies, displayed side by side. I’ve written a few posts here about beginnings and at least one post about endings. But once you have your story finished, whether it’s […]

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Don’t Find Time to Write, Make Time

Finding time to write is a big issue for all writers, including myself. It’s downright frustrating when free time doesn’t match up with one’s creative impulse. Recently a Fresh Pond Writer asked me for some advice on finding time. I’ll tell you what I told her: It’s all in your head. I don’t mean to sound condescending. What […]

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