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Get Up Close and Observe

Recently I discovered the wonderful writer, Steven Milhauser. I was struck immediately by the depth of his writing and his ability to paint scenes that not only ground the reader in the moment but also the characters. Here’s an example from his story story, A Room in the Attic: [Wolf] invited me to his house, […]

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16 Fictional Characters and Their Personality Types

Back in college I took the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test, which is a personality quiz based on Carl Jung’s typological theories. Basically, it divides people into 16 types based on the following variables:

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A Character Is What She Does

In Ron Carlson Writes a Story, Carlson says, “A character is what he or she does.” He writes, “Action is narrative evidence. It proves as it goes, whereas adjectival telling (she was careless, manipulative, compulsive, willful) alerts us to how a character might be, but doesn’t prove it with the force good drama requires.” This […]

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