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Discover: bioengineer cornThe World Has a Fertilizer Problem. Bioengineered Corn Could Save Us Multiple scientists are working to grow corn that can fertilize itself, bypassing the need for nitrogen-based products responsible for polluting the environment.

galaxyExperience Magazine: Stargazers Fight to Save the Dazzling Dark Meet some of the people dedicated to studying and preserving dark skies around the world and potentially capitalizing on them to boost rural economies.

Experience Magazine: MDIThis Small Island Is Taking on a Big Problem — Climate Change A grassroots movement on Mount Desert Island aims to achieve energy independence by 2030, and improve efficiencies in the island’s buildings, transportation, food systems, and waste streams.

wolfExperience Magazine: She Heard the Call of Wolves Mexican wolves are feared, hated, and imperiled, and have been at the center of a roiling controversy between people who want to save the animal and those who want it eliminated. Jean Ossorio, 75, has seen more of these predators than almost anyone.

factories good for environmentCXO: Can Factories Become Good for the Environment? Some barons of industry are building factories that give more to the planet than they take away, saving money and creating more productive spaces for workers in the process.

puerto rico solarEarther: In Puerto Rico, Innovative Solar Projects Aid Kids in Need Two separate groups are working in hurricane-devastated Puerto Rico to install systems that run on solar power and provide clean water and electricity to neglected communities.

solar pollinatorsEarther: Solar Developers are Transforming Vast Energy Farms Into Pollinator HabitatsSeeding industrial-sized solar power installations with native, pollinator-friendly plants is cheaper than gravel or grass and provides important forage for wild pollinators and honeybees. 

turkeySeeker: Lab-Grown Turkey Is on the Table for Future Thanksgivings Cellular agriculture combines the latest advances in tissue-engineering, material sciences, bioengineering and synthetic biology to make animal products from the cell up.

naming computers as inventorsSeeker: A.I. Computers Should Be Named as Inventors on Patents A lawyer proposes that creative computers be elevated from the role of sophisticated tools to that of inventors, which could encourage researchers to develop more A.I.

rural uber appSeeker: A Free Uber-Like App Finds Rides for People in Rural Areas The open-source appLibreTaxi, is bringing ride-sharing to places Uber and Lyft can’t service. The cars don’t have to be new and payments are made in cash.

Seeker: woman ALSBrain Implant Helps ‘Locked-In’ ALS Woman Communicate A brain-controlled interface, or BCI, could give people with locked-in syndrome a way to communicate in everyday life and the freedom to move inside and outside their homes.

wormsSeeker: How Black Soldier Fly Maggots Could Help Feed the World Using insect larvae to convert food waste into high-protein feed for animals is a burgeoning industry, and has quickly become a promising component of sustainable agriculture.

satelliteIEEE Spectrum: Constellations of Internet Satellites Will Beam Broadband Everywhere Several companies are looking to the heavens to expand the web’s capacity and bring broadband coverage to everyone in the world, including the billions of people worldwide who lack it.

china iotIEEE Spectrum: 100,000 IoT Sensors Monitor a 1,400-Kilometer Canal in China A network of sensors installed along China’s South-to-North Water Diversion Project track water quality and flow, watch for intruders, and detect structural damage.

supertowersIEEE Spectrum: Soaring ‘SuperTowers’ Aim to Bring Mobile Broadband to Rural Areas One tethered, autonomous aerostat flying at 250 meters can provide coverage for up to 10,000 square kilometers, an area that would normally require between 20 and 30 cell phone towers.

powerbloxIEEE Spectrum: Modular Power Blocks Snap Together to Scale Up Energy Needs in Remote Areas Power-Blox is a distributed energy system made of 1.2 kilowatt-hour battery cubes that snap together LEGO-like to create micro-grids in rural areas.

pop up wetlandsHow Stuff Works: Pop​-​up Wetlands Helping Migrating Shorebirds In California’s Sacramento Valley, farmers are temporarily flooding rice paddies to give migratory shorebirds a place to feed and rest as they travel between Alaska to Patagonia.

toast aleHow Stuff Works: Wasted Bread Is Being Brewed Into Craft Beer Inspired by a 7,000-year-old practice of making beer from fermented bread, a modern-day brewery, called Toast Ale, aims to end bread waste by turning fresh, surplus loaves into craft beer.

139 countriesLive Science: How 139 Countries Could Be Powered by 100% Renewable Energy by 2050 A detailed road map shows how wind, solar, geothermal and hydropower would reduce energy consumption, decrease deaths from air pollution, create millions of jobs, and stabilize energy prices.


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